“Brought Tears to My Eyes”: Lakers’ LeBron James Overwhelmed With ‘Biggest Accomplishment’ Of His Life




Behind every successful man, there is a woman. 4-time NBA champion LeBron James counts on a few important women in his life for the success that he’s had on and off the court. One of them and probably the most important of the lot is Gloria Marie James, his mother. She got pregnant with LeBron at the tender age of 16 and because of an absentee father, had raised the Ohio-born superstar as a single parent.

What was her role?

As a single black mother living in the USA, Gloria James had one of the toughest tasks in raising Lebron with good values and education. Living paycheck to paycheck, she faced many difficulties in providing for Lebron. But hats off to her for raising him with the right values and temperament. Combined with his athletic gifts, this has propelled Lebron to 4 NBA rings, global recognition, a place among the pantheon of greats to represent the Los Angeles Lakers, and countless other achievements.

LeBron James’ tribute to her

Fresh off his most recent championship-winning season, the Laker legend is not leaving anything and anyone out from the title celebrations. He was seen face-timing his mother after winning the NBA finals against the Miami Heat in the locker room. And now, enjoying himself in this short off-season, he was recently toasting the victory with his mother. Thanking her, he wrote –

“Seeing you happy and smiling is one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve ever had in my life! I want to make you so proud every single day! You’ve done so much for me beyond what life can offer, and it’s my turn to return the favor! Momma Glo looked at me when we got off the boat this evening and said, “Son, I really enjoyed myself, thank you” and then smiled! Damn near brought tears to my eyes! Love you for simply always being there for me, even when it wasn’t in the physical too! Pointing me in the right decision, raising me to be a gentleman, being kind to others, and simply knowing the difference between right and wrong! You’re my angel on earth!!!!!!

A beautiful homage to the person who gave him birth and raised him single-handedly. Gloria James has stood by her son through thick and thin, has been his biggest cheerleader; and deserves all the success that follows him.

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