Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving Suggests ‘Crazy Things’ Behind Bizarre Losses to Cavs & Wizards




The Brooklyn Nets had an impressive win against the Los Angeles Clippers last night as they beat them 124-120. The Nets now have an overall record of 14 wins and 9 losses and are the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference.

This win came after an embarrassing loss to the Washington Wizards. The Wizards, who have the worst record in the league, have 2 wins over the Nets. The Nets have looked fragile against weaker opposition.

In the post game press conference, when a reporter asked Kyrie Irving about how they approach the game, the Nets’ star had a fitting reply to the same.

He said, “I think, you know, for us, we just have to take pride in coming out and understanding that every team is gonna give us their best shot. We are one of those teams in the league. But we have to continue to earn that respect.”

Irving even joked about how weaker teams are having multiple shots against them. He said, “I feel like, you know, teams make so many shots against us. So many magical things happen against us.

“And I know we’re not the only team in the league that feels that, but it seems like over the last week, there’s been some crazy comebacks and some crazy things that have been happening.”

The 5-time All-Star also revealed that the team needs to finish games. He said, “So you know, we just got to get used to it and finish the games.

“That’s the big thing. That’s the phrase finish the games. We’re up by 10, we’re up by 8. We’re up by 5 with a minute to go finish the game.”

The Nets had an all-round performance against the Clippers yesterday. Coach Steve Nash will hope they can build on this impressive win in their next game.

Are we finally seeing the best of Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets

When Kyrie Irving made his return with Kevin Durant early in this regular season, it was evident that the 5-time All-Star looked different. Kyrie was fired up and was in prime shape.

In the first 7 games he played, he was averaging about 27.1 points per game. But then the 28-year-old had multiple off-court antics and ended up missing 7 games of the regular season.

When he joined the side, after the Harden trade, it seemed like Irving would take a step back in the scoring end. But that certainly hasn’t been the case. In the 8 games he has played since then, Kyrie is averaging about 29.3 points per game.

Dec 27, 2020; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving (11) looks to pass during the first half against the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

He has flourished as the primary scorer alongside Kevin Durant, while Harden has taken a step back to become the primary facilitator for the side. Kyrie has been phenomenal on the court, and this season might be the best of Kyrie that the NBA has ever seen.

If ‘Uncle Drew’ can maintain this tremendous form for the rest of the season, the Nets will be an unstoppable force and one of the biggest threats to the Lakers for the championship.

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