‘Big Game James 2X’- LeBron James Shouts Out Lakers Legend After Third Consecutive OT Win




LeBron James is doing superhuman things in his 18th season in the NBA. He is leading the LA Lakers on the court to one of the best records in the NBA without having missed a game. But this road has not been easy. The Lakers have had some tough beats, but a lot of very close wins recently.

LA may have won their last three games, but they won them all in overtime. They have been stretched to their limit by lower-end teams like the Detroit Pistons and the OKC Thunder. However, LeBron is proving his worth on the court in those moments as well. He played 42.3 minutes per game over this stretch.

The last player to have an iron man stretch like this for LA was James Worthy. Worthy averaged 50 minutes a game at the time, and LeBron shouted out Worthy on Instagram. It is very impressive to see LeBron extend his career on the court and still play big minutes. But is this a good thing?

LeBron James: Over-extending himself on the court?

LeBron James is a 36-year old in his 18th NBA season. While he has been in the NBA for what seems like forever, he doesn’t have the same athletic abilities he grew up in the league with. He shouldn’t be taking such risks with his health, as one injury to him could derail the Lakers season.

Anthony Davis has struggled to find fitness and consistency on the court. His numbers look a little bland, and he hasn’t been on the court as often as anyone would like him to be. He missed 2 of these three games, making the load on LeBron even heavier.

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An injury at this point of the season could completely throw LA’s success off. They are looking to repeat based on the play that LeBron is capable of providing on the court. But if he has to play so many OT games against average teams, it will be hard for him to have enough gas in the tank for the elite teams.

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