Australian Football Coach Draws Inspiration From Dominic Thiem to Educate His Team




The Australian Open 2021 just got over with Novak Djokovic emerging as the winner of the tournament. Even though the next-gen superstars like Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Dominic Thiem tried really hard, they stood nowhere near the Serbian legend. However, they were able to impress their fans with some of their splendid performances.

Although Dominic Thiem didn’t have a great Australian Open 2021, he has surely inspired Australian Rules football legend David Noble. Noble has become the new North Melbourne coach and has urged his team’s players to take some lessons from Thiem.

“He was super impressed with Dominic Thiem the other day, his five-set comeback against [Nick] Kyrgios [at the Australian Open] was something we touched on,” said Dom Tyson, a midfielder in the team about his new coach.

Austria’s Dominic Thiem celebrates after winning his third-round match against Australia’s Nick Kyrgios REUTERS/Asanka Brendon Ratnayake

Even though Thiem lost to Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets in the fourth round, he played some exceptional tennis. He was able to pull off a phenomenal comeback against Nick Kyrgios in the third round, even after losing the first two sets.

Tyson also mentioned that new coach Noble just loves to give references from other sports.

“He’s a little bit philosophical in a way, he likes a few quotes, likes referencing other sports and journeys of other sportsmen,” added Tyson.

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Can Dominic Thiem win a Grand Slam in 2021?

The World No. 4 player is in great form and will hope to increase his Grand Slam tally this year. However, there are a few barriers that he’ll have to overcome in order to do so.

Austria’s Dominic Thiem in action during his third-round match against Australia’s Nick Kyrgios REUTERS/Jaimi Joy

Fans are quite aware of the lethal forehand and backhand of Thiem. However, it is his serve that doesn’t support him much during his matches and he often loses a lot of points there.

Also, a pattern has formed which shows that Thiem hasn’t done well in long rallies over the past few years. Although he covers the court quickly, he often fails to finish properly, giving his opponents some free points.

Thiem will surely look to improve on these areas before the next Grand Slams. Fans still have very high expectations from the Austrian player and want him to deliver this year.

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