Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young Joins Luka Doncic to Set His Name in the History Books of NBA




Atlanta Hawks won their game 123-115 against the intimidating Denver Nuggets. They were not the favorites coming into the game, but thanks to Trae Young’s impressive performance, they eased towards a victory.

This was a memorable night for the youngster for more than one reason. He definitely helped the Hawks to put a win over an on-paper superior team. But he also got his name etched in the history books of the NBA.

Trae Young inching closer towards creating history

It took double-double efforts from Forward John Collins, Center Clint Capela, and Guard Trae Young to help the Hawks defeat the Nuggets. Undoubtedly, it was impossible for them to stop behemoths in Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic if not for Trae Young’s 35 points, 15 assists, 6 rebounds, and a steal. With those numbers, Trae entered a unique list of players to have done the same before the age of 23.

Now, both Luka Doncic and Trae have enough time to match or even surpass Sir Oscar Robertson’s record. Trae had been exceptional in his last season with the Hawks, where he averaged close to 30 points and 10 assists in 60 games.

Surprisingly, that performance from Trae could only help the Hawks win 20 games last year. However, this time around, they’ve already won 13 games with another 42 matches to go. 

When Ice Trae pulled Atlanta Hawks out of misery

Before the Hawks met the Celtics on February 17th, 2021, they had lost seven out of their eight earlier games. The Celtics were clearly a better side, and it seemed as if they would easily lose another game.

However, Trae came up with a 40-point performance to bury the Greens. Notably, Trae scored 16 of those points in Q4 and ensured he broke the jinx of a doomed fourth quarter for the Hawks. That was the 15th time he touched the 40-point mark in 168 total games played.

The youthful and athletic man is making a strong All-star case for himself with back-to-back game-winning performances. He is not becoming a victim of too many turnovers and is also contributing at the defensive end. Add decent support from Clint Capela and the other mates, and the Hawks can make it to the playoffs this year.

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