Alex Albon Reveals an Action Plan to Match Max Verstappen in F1




Alex Albon joined Red Bull Racing halfway through the 2019 season. He just had half the season to substantiate himself. He did, in light of the fact that this season he will indeed be racing for the top group again. The way that he despite everything falls somewhat behind Max Verstappen is to some degree self-evident. Albon sees that he needs to limit the hole. He additionally has thoughts on how he can do that.

Albon quickly dazzled having been offered opportunity by Toro Rosso regardless of having no past involvement with an F1 car. He shockingly ended up elevated to Red Bull after only 12 Grand Prix. He replaced then failing to meet expectations Pierre Gasly. The Red Bull driver proceeded to record eight top-six completions from his nine-race spell.

In an interview with, Alex Albon reveals his journey to F1

Alex Albon says he figured out how to live without any second thoughts in the wake of experiencing the “darkest moment” of his profession when he was dropped from the Red Bull Formula 1 team’s young driver program.

The British-born Thai driver recuperated from losing his Red Bull seat in 2012 because of terrible performance to gaining another opportunity with Red Bull a year ago, seven years after at first being dropped.

Can Alex Albon compete with Max?

Albon had the option to intrigue everybody to procure a full season at Red Bull this year. This permitted him to unwind into his racing in the rest of the races of last season. He was able to utilize the training meetings to attempt some new headings and prepare for the accompanying season.

“My side of the garage is relatively new,” he says. “It’s a relationship which needs building. It’s only been six or seven months we’ve been together, so it’s still learning, it’s still new.”

That work, joined with a solid winter and great time went through with his engineers has placed him fit as a fiddle for the current season. He presently hopes to close the gap on Verstappen in both qualifying and race.

“We sat together and developed areas I need to work on, established where we want to be in our goals, and that makes it clear for all of us. It feels really good.”

The driver says he knows what to do and has a clear idea of proceeding in the 2020 season whenever it starts.

“I know what I need to work on, but also, there’s knowing it, but then there is understanding what to do and how to get the most out of the situation. We have some ideas of what we need to target to get the car and myself in a better window.”