A Mind-Blowing Danny Green Stat That Will Put All Trolls & Critics to Rest




Lakers forward Danny Green has been struggling to find his shooting form ever since the restart. His crucial miss in Game 5 has opened the door for a lot of criticism, but Green holds an impressive finals stat which many would be unaware of! 

For Lakers fans, Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals ended bitterly. Their team had a chance to capture the elusive championship, but Danny Green missed an open three-pointer with just seconds remaining on the clock. Green has been struggling from long range in the bubble, which proved to be costly at the most defining moment. 

But Danny Green hasn’t always played this way. The 33-year-old is a prolific shooter who has earned himself a spot in the NBA history books. However, a lot of Laker faithfuls would just not be aware of where Green stands as a consistent 3-pt shooter. 

Danny Green and his impressive record in the NBA Finals

Danny Green has failed to impress in the 2020 NBA Finals. The former Raptor has been missing a lot of open three’s and it is not going down well with the fans. They are urging coach Vogel to bench Green, but here is a stat that will blow your minds! 

Performing in the finals is a huge factor. Danny Green has plenty of experience as he’s been to multiple finals series before. Before Steph Curry broke it in 2016, Danny Green held the record for most three’s made in a finals series with 23 of them made in 2013. 

Moreover, Green is a consistent three-point scorer by nature, and his stats reflect the same. In the list of most effective 3-pt shooters in the NBA finals, Danny Green ranks at an astonishing fourth spot with a 42% success rate. 

Los Angeles Lakers forward Danny Green at the 2020 NBA Playoffs
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This list consists of players who’ve taken a minimum of 50 three-point attempts in the finals. This is done to bring out the most consistent players, and now we know that Green has a better 3-pt FG% than Steph Curry when it comes to the finals! 

But, this year, Green has underperformed. Ever since the restart, the 2x NBA champion has failed to impress. Regarding the NBA Finals, Green only averages 6.8 points a game and has shot a meager 25.8% from the three-point line.