2020 NBA Draft: Is Israeli Star Deni Avdija the Dark Horse of This Year’s Draft Class?




Deni Avdija could be the dark horse in the 2020 NBA Draft. In most mock drafts, he is not ranked that high, yet there is something special about this player. In fact, some believe he could be the next breakout European in the league.

The 19-year-old’s pre-draft workouts have piqued the interest of several NBA teams. But what makes him so special? Other than appearing as a decent prospect now, Avdija didn’t stand out in the EuroLeague.

During his 2 years there, he averaged just 4.0 points, 1.8 rebounds, and 0.9 assists. Moreover, he didn’t even play many games until his second season in the EuroLeague.

Why Deni Avdija could become the biggest steal of the draft?

Basically, since Luka Doncic’s rise, teams do not want to miss out on any international talents. The Mavs hit the lottery by choosing Doncic, maybe Avdija could be next?

However, during his short international stint, Avidja never flaunted the same prowess as Luka. According to a report by The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss, there is one special ability that Avidja possesses.

It’s his ball-handling skills, despite being a forward, and with a 6’9″ stature, the 19-year-old has shown glimpses of guard-like skills. This is the skill that could help in increasing his draft stock.

The league is always looking for such players and this skill is highly rated by both NBA scouts and teams. All things considered, if he can improve his offensive game, he might become a top player in this draft class.

Which teams can target the Israeli phenom?

In the same report by Ethan Strauss, he also mentioned potential teams that have expressed an interest in Avdija. “According to sources, the list of teams who have talked with Avdija also includes the Hawks, Pistons, Cavaliers, Spurs and Bucks.

“Those first three teams are expected as Avdija suitors. The latter two, and let’s face it, the Bucks especially, are interesting names.”

Moreover, Strauss further mentioned that the Warriors might be interested in landing Avdija. However, the chances of that happening are quite low as they are already planning to draft James Wiseman to fill the void at the center position.

What are your thoughts about the hype around Deni Avdija? Will he become a star in the league or will he succumb underneath these newfound expectations?

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