20-Year-Old Hugo Gaston Stuns Stan Wawrinka In A Thrilling Five-Setter At French Open 2020




Former French Open Champion Stan Wawrinka faced a crushing defeat at the French Open 2020. In a thrilling third-round match between Stan Wawrinka and Hugo Gaston, the former was upset by the 20-year-old Frenchman.

Stan Wawrinka took the first set

The opening set began with both the players testing the water before making the leap. Holding on to their first couple of games, the match was proceeding the usual way.

Stan Wawrinka held his service, claiming his third game. Gaston could not repeat the first two games’ performance and lost his service as Wawrinka broke to lead 4-2. The Swiss extended his lead with his service before breaking Gaston for the second time to take the set 6-2. Taking the set under half an hour, Wawrinka was comfortably nestled in the match.

The second set marked the return of Hugo Gaston

Hugo Gaston was not intimidated by Stan. He lost the opening set, but that never extinguished his fighting spirit. Breaking Wawrinka’s service early in the second set, Gaston found his rhythm back.

He held his service to go 2-0 up in no time. However, Wawrinka steadied his boat and held his service to stay in the set. Both the players claimed their next three services including Wawrinka’s first point of the second set.

After 8 games, the scores read 5-3 in favor of Gaston. Wawrinka was serving to stay in the set; however, Gaston broke his service to end the set at 6-3. The game proceeded to the third set with both the players claiming a set each.

Gaston prevails once again in the third set

The third set’s beginning was similar to the first set. Stan, after losing the second set, was cautious and Gaston was riding high on success. The first four games were equally divided between the two players. The play was interrupted as rain stepped in Paris. The match was suspended for a few hours and resumed after the weather turned favorable.

Each one of them held on to their respective services. Gaston went forward to claim his third game with his service before breaking Wawrinka’s service to go 4-2 up in quick succession.

Holding to their services, the score read 5-3. Ultimately, Gaston served to claim the third set 6-3. Winning two successive sets, he put Wawrinka into a bit of pressure in the Suzanne Lenglen.

The fourth set was a comeback for Stan

The fourth set was important for Wawrinka to stay in the match. Gaston was two sets up and letting go of this set meant victory for the French professional.

Holding on to his service after a handful of deuces, Wawrinka won the first game of the fourth set. He extended his lead by breaking Gaston’s service and holding on to his service once again to go 3-0 up.

Gaston kept his service to win his first game before breaking Wawrinka’s service to reduce the lead. The Swiss professional was still leading 3-2 and made it 4-2 by breaking the Frenchman’s service.

Gaston broke Wawrinka’s service once again to reduce the lead. He kept his nerves to cling on to his service to equalize 4-4. The pressure was piling upon Wawrinka; however, he held his horse to claim the game with his service. Claiming his 5th of the set, he was one game away from taking the match to the final set. Banking on his streak of winners, Wawrinka broke Gaston’s service to take the set 6-4 to save the match.

The decisive set was won by the Frenchman

The final set was underway and uncertainty prevailed as the match could go in anyone’s favor. The youngster from France was showing some skills as he broke Wawrinka’s service to go 1-0 up. The abrupt attack took Wawrinka by surprise. Losing the service, he was looking to break Gaston’s service. However, the youngster kept his service intact to go 2-0 up.

Wawrinka was hoping to edge his way back to the game. However, his every effort fell short as Gaston broke him for the second time in the final set to gain a three-game lead.

He then held his service to stretch the lead further to 4-0. The Frenchman was on a roll as he broke Stan’s defense for the third time in a row. The match was clearly over for the Swiss international and Gaston was looking for the win as he was one point away from defeating Stan.

Hugo Gaston was leading the set with 5 games to his name. Stan was yet to open his account for the last set and the final set was looking like an outright embarrassment for the experienced Wawrinka. Serving to win the set and the match, Gaston looked confident of his victory. Proving everyone right, he took the set and the match 6-0.

The final scoreline read 2-6, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-0 in favor of Hugo Gaston.